Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of billing services out there. Why should we pick Jems?

Higher revenue, reduced audit exposure, less denials, less headaches and happier patients. Forty years of proven pedigree; 24/7 emergency access; many of our staff have worked in both front and back office, giving us real experience of the problems you face. If you dream of a billing service that has the quality to keep you on track, the responsiveness to keep you on top, the loyalty to watch your back and the pedigree to ensure your success, look no further than Jems.

How do I hire Jems to be my billing service?

We will guide you and your staff through every step of the process, but it goes something like this: sign our contract and supply some basic information such as your NPI. We help you pick our start date, typically the start of the next month, at which time you begin sending us your superbills and presto, Jems is your biller. Welcome to success!

Will changing biller affect my Medicare / PPO status?

The billing service information is not part of a CMS-1500 insurance claim, so from the insurance point of view, they will not be able to tell. It will be business as usual, other than some low level changes in the electronic clearing house and your designated contact person.

Can you keep our relationship confidential until I inform my staff / previous biller of any change?

Of course. To maintain confidentiality we can hold our discussions away from your office or outside office hours.

Can you hold delinquency notices / collection submissions until I approve them?

Not a problem. We will send you a list of the delinquent accounts and await your instructions.

I have specific requirements about my billing / coding. Can you accommodate them?

We are happy to adhere to any policy within ethical coding guidelines. We hope that you will find our expertise a useful resource as the coding landscape evolves.

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How large are your Accounts Receivables?

Currently less than 3% of our annual billing, or about a week’s worth of billing.

How soon will I start to receive insurance payments after I switch to Jems?

Several factors affect your payment gap, such as whether you need us to perform any provider enrollments. In most cases you will begin to see payments within the first month. If your previous biller works until our start date, there may be no gap at all.

Can you take over my old AR?

Absolutely! We will need all applicable patient demographics, insurance information and your list of unpaid claims. Any denials will be helpful. We can coordinate this with your staff / previous biller. Due to the additional complexity of working with aged claims, we may give you a separate quote for this task.

I am part of a group / I want to make changes to my group. Can you handle that?

We have worked with many different practice configurations from sole practitioners to large groups. Whether you run or are part of a group, would like to separate from a group or are concerned about payment separation or privacy, we can accommodate any arrangement you need or would like to set up in the future.

the insurance checks and patients payments go to Jems or to me?

They go to you. We do not handle any money. When we take a credit card payment from a patient, we immediately send it to you to process. Online patient payments will be credited to your bank account by the merchant directly.

I am having difficulty getting certain procedures paid. Can you help with that?

We can’t wait to analyze all of the problems you are having with your billing so that you are paid fairly for all the services you perform.

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How do I get documents to / from you?

Any way is good! Email, fax, cloud transfer such as Dropbox, a courier such as UPS, or we can pick up / drop off documents in person.

Can we hold face-to-face meetings?

If you are in Southern California, of course! Just tell us the time and the place.

More questions?

Drop us a line!

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