Proportional fees

We charge a commission on what we collect for you. Your cost is always proportional to your revenue, so it is always affordable. We grow with you, because our success is tied to your success. With rates as low as 6%, this is our most popular option.

Fixed rate fees

A fixed price keeps your costs predictable as you build your practice, while maintaining access to our expertise. This can be converted to a commission-based contract at a later time as you grow.

Why pedigree billing pays for itself

As you can see, because we optimize your coding and return on each dollar billed, we leave the cheaper competition behind. Just as you want the best care for your patients and the best environment for your staff, you need and deserve the best billing. Switching to Jems can pay immediate dividends not just to your bottom line, but to intangibles like patient retention, audit prevention and the backing of our deep expertise every time a patient walks in.

Questions about our pricing?

Ask away!